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Last updated july 1,2001

Road Dogg fought in Desert Storm?

Farooq was cut by the Cleveland Browns?

Terri Runnels was a hair stylist for Larry King Live?

D-Lo Brown is a certified Accountant?

Steve Austin is an Antique collector?

Jerry Lawler was a 23 time USWA Champion?

Saturn dated Chyna before she entered the WWF?

Val Venis used to race Motocross before becoming a wrestler?

The Undertaker was in Suburban Commando?

Chyna was once going to teach literacy in Costa Rica for the Peace Corps?

Chyna is fluent in 3 foreign languages?

Kane has a teaching degree, and has taught as a substitute teacher?

Kane actually studied dentistry for a few months before dropping out?

Debra was once an airline stewardess?

Steve Blackman has one of the most successful Wrestling/Karate schools in the US?

Chris Jericho has a degree in Journalism?

Kurt Angle's wife is a former stripper?

Raven has a pre-med degree?

Bradshaw played his last two college games with a broken leg?

Earl Hebner has a twin brother, Dave, who used to be a refere?

Hardcore Holly is a former NASCAR Racing driver?

Chris Jericho's father is former NHL hockey player Ted Irvine?

Big Bossman really worked as a prison guard?

Mankind's wife Collette is a former professional model?

The Rock played college football for the Miami Hurricanes?

ShawnMichaels is the only winner of every major WWF title?

Al Snow's Head, was the model for Mankind's Mask?

The Rock won the WWF Title 15 years to the day that his father and Tony Atlas won the WWF Tag Titles?

Vince McMahon always wanted to be a wrestler, but his father, the late Vince Sr. strictly forbid it?

Kurt Angle had his first WWF match in mid 1998 against Christian at a WWF house show. This was four days after he began training at the WWF training facility.

William Regal was arrested in 1997 after causing a serious disturbance on a flight from Tokyo to the US. Regal allegedly urinated in the aisle of the plane. He had been on a tour of New Japan and was returning home when the incident occurred.

Prior to joining the WWF in 1993 Hardcore Holly worked as a full time Welder.

Lita got the tattoo on her left arm in Amsterdam, Holland in 1995.

Before joining the WWF in 1990, The Undertaker (Mark Callaway) wrestled under the following names: Punisher, Texas Red, Master of Pain, Mean Mark, and Punisher Dice Morgan.

Big Show was treated for the disease acromegaly (gigantism) in 1993 at the age of 21. It was after the treatment that Big Show began to gain weight. Before he was 7'0" and 320 pounds with a 36-inch waist. After treatment his waist was 55 inches and his weight reached 550 pounds in early 1999.

Molly Holly's first televised WWF match was a Women's Title match against Jackie on a 1998 episode of Sunday Night Heat. She wrestled under the name Starla Saxton.

Kane (Glenn Jacobs) has a degree in English and teaching.

Lita has the word 'PUNK' tattooed on the inside of her lower lip.

Paul Heyman first got involved in wrestling at the age of 14. He worked as a photographer and at one point was employed by Vince McMahon Sr.

Before he joined the WWF in late 1997, Val Venis worked for WWC and All Japan (as Sean Morley) and EMLL (as Steele)

Haku made his pro wrestling debut before Molly Holly, Essa Rios, Jeff Hardy and Stephanie McMahon where born.

The longest title reign in WWF history belongs to the Fabulous Moolah, whose reign as the first Women's Champion lasted from September 18, 1956 to July 23, 1984 (27 years, 10 months, 5 days).

Pat Patterson is the only WWF wrestler who is openly gay.

Although they are not brothers, Edge and Christian have been friends since childhood and both went to the same high school and wrestling school.

The WWWF/ WWF promoted it's first card in 1963.

Bret Hart won the last non-televised King Of The Ring in September 1991. He pinned I.R.S in the final round and is the only man ever to win consecutive King Of The Ring crowns.

Steven Richards' (Michael Manna) best friend in the WWF is Crash Holly (Michael Lockwood).

The Undertaker (Mark Callaway) was managed by current WWF commentator Paul Heyman earlier in his career.

Before getting into wrestling, Lita worked as a swimming coach and also taught judo.

Steve Austin's Ex wife Jeanne, who is from Southend-on-Sea in the UK, came up with the 'Stone Cold' character after she and Steve had watched a programme about serial killers.

Kurt Angle graduated from Clarion University in 1992, where he received his B.S. in Geography.

Molly Holly was trained to be a wrestler by Dean Malenko in spring 1997.

Chris Benoit received a WWF try out in 1994 but didn't impress management enough to be signed.

At 35, Paul Heyman is the same age as Shawn Michaels and three years younger than Raven and Jerry Lynn.

Before getting involved in wrestling, Debra used to work as an air hostess.

Despite having not been on TV since September 2000, Shawn Michaels is still receiving $15,000 per week.

The Goodfather (Charles Wright) used to run strip clubs in Las Vegas before getting involved in wrestling. It was his real life friend Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) who got him the job in the WWF.

K-Kwik taught some of MC Hammer's dance troop their moves.

Test got into wrestling in 1997 after meeting Bret 'Hitman' Hart at a bar. Bret gave him details on who to get in touch with to begin training.

Terri Runnels worked as a make-up artist on CNN's 'Larry King Live' show in the mid-80s, before getting involved in wrestling.

Jerry Lynn and X-Pac (Sean Waltman) had small roles as High School Seniors #2 (Lynn) and #3 (Waltman) in the 1992 film 'Crossing the Bridge'. Jerry Lynn was almost 30 years old at the time.

Glenn Jacobs (Kane) was Born in Madrid, Spain but moved to the USA at the age of 3.

Shortly after winning his Olympic gold medal in 1996, Kurt Angle got a job as a sportscaster in Pittsburgh with Fox television. After he left that job he was contacted by Vince McMahon about joining the WWF in the Winter of 1996. Angle told Vince he was not interested.

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