Smackdown Resultz

WWF Smackdown Results 9/4/01
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We're shown a recap of Austin throwing Kurt Angle's medals into the river. We're shown footage of Austin on Raw leading up to Kurt kidnapping him and threatening to throw him in the river.

A huge 8 man tag tonight. Dudley Boyz/Booker T/Rhyno vs. The Rock/Chris Jericho/APA.

Kurt is shown in the back getting a bottle of water out of the cooler and having a drink.

Enter the Hardy Boyz accompanied by Lita.

Awk. Awk. Awk. Awk. Here comes Raven and Justin Credible accompanied by Terri.

Terri is arguing with Lita. Terri shoves Lita out of the ring. Lita runs back in and tries to get at Terri. Lita jumps off.

Hardy Boyz vs. Justin Credible and Raven
Lockup by Matt and Raven. Matt with a side headlock. Attempted tack by Raven. Matt back drops Credible. Matt takes down Raven and Credible. Tag to Jeff. Poetry in Motion to Raven and Credible on the outside. Jeff goes after Raven and throws him back in. Jeff with a cover. 2 count. Jeff with a leg drop between the legs. Jeff knocks Credible off the apron. Raven throws Jeff into a lowered rope by Credible. Credible throws Jeff back in. Tag to Credible. Credible with kicks to Jeff's abdomen. Credible pulls Jeff out of the ring and powerbombs him. Cover. 2 count. Tag to Raven. Raven with a headbutt to the midsection. Raven with a right hand. Raven sits on the top turnbuckle and drills his knee into Jeff's back. Cover. 2 count. Credible comes in. Jeff with a small package. Ref is occupied with Credible. Ref counts 2. Raven smashes Jeff's face on the mat. Raven puts Jeff on the middle rope. Terri slaps him. Lita goes after Terri. Credible jumps down and tries to superkick Lita. Jeff with a jaw breaker. Raven holds Jeff's leg. Jeff with an insiguerri. Tag to Matt. Matt knocks down Credible and Raven. Matt with a spinning neckbreaker to Credible. Leg drop off the middle rope to Raven. Credible with a suplex. Jeff comes in. Jeff and Raven go to the outside. Credible with a superkick to Matt. Credible mocks a Twist of Fate on Matt. Matt pushes him into Raven on the apron. Twist of Fate by Matt. Swanton by Jeff. Matt with a cover and the win.
Winners: Hardy Boyz

Terri comes back in the ring and gets in the Hardyz and Lita's faces. Terri slaps Lita. Lita gives Terri a Twist of Fate.

Austin is shown walking in the back with Debra. The two are arguing. Austin asks if she knows what happened to him. Austin says he's gonna whip someone's ass. Debra understands. Austin and Debra walk into the dressing room with everyone having their head down. Austin says to look at him. He asks if D-Von has a problem and look at him. He asks Awesome if what happened to him on Raw bother him. Austin says it shouldn't bother him. He says he did it for them. He begged for Stasiak. He cried for Kanyon. He did it for the Alliance. If he was on his own, he would've told Kurt to throw him off the bridge. He says to look at Dreamer, Rhyno, and Test. He says he's leading by example. Chavo walks in and says that he had traffic problems. Austin asks what right he had of being late. Chavo says he's sorry. Austin says to sit his ass down. Austin beats up Chavo on the couch. He pounds him while saying what what what what. He throws Chavo into a plant. He says he's pathetic. He asks where's his belt. He says Debra lets get out of here. Git!! He and Debra leave.

You think you know me. You think you know me. Enter Christian. We're shown a recap of Christian turning on Edge on Raw following his match with Lance Storm. Christian takes the mic. You know last night was one of the greatest nights of his life. He hasn't felt this good since he moved to Florida and became a U.S. citizen. But it seems lately, asshole chants erupt. But it seems lately, he's been living in denial. Yeah he's heard the talk, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, and last night it hit him. All the talk is true. His brother Edge has been jealous, bitter, and resentful of him his whole life. Think about it for a minute. It's always been Edge and Christian. E & C, Edge and his brother. Well why does he always get to go first? What makes him so damn special? What has he ever done? Christian says he's special. He knows he's special. He's always been there for Edge, but where was he for him last night? He could've been the WCW champion, but he was no where to be found. Why? Why? Because it would've killed him. It would've eaten him alive to see his brother walking around with singles killed. He made him do this. It's Edge's fault. Edge and the people of Toronto deserve each other because they're all selfish. They're all so damn selfish. Why are they so selfish? Well he doesn't need Edge. You suck chants break out. He doesn't need Edge for anything. Not even for a conchairto. He proved that last night. He has nothing that he needs. But he does have something that he wants. He wants the IC title. That's why at Unforgiven, Christian is gonna take the IC title the same way he always took the spotlight from him every chance that he got. It will be his. Perfect. Singles gold. Just like their song, "I think I know you." But as last night proved, he so doesn't know him.

Austin and Debra are in a locker room. Austin can't believe Chavo showed up late. Someone walks in the door. Austin shouts what! Shawn Stasiak walks in with coffee. He says after what happened, he might like a hot cup of coffee. Austin says he was about to send his wife to get some hockey. Austin spits out the coffee and throws it on Stasiak. Austin throws Stasiak into the wall. Austin tells Debra to call the paramedics. Debra says she thinks Stasiak will be okay. Austin says he doesn't give a damn about Stasiak because he thinks he burned his mouth.

Stacker2 Burn Of The Week was Steven Richards super kicking Undertaker.

Enter Steven Richards to a new music. Many people are wondering why he kicked Undertaker on Raw. Many people are wondering why he even challenged Undertaker to a match tonight. He has one thing to the Undertaker. I hate you!!!! It was his fault that the Right To Censor disbanded. It was his fault that his own brothers and sister turned on him. And even though each and everyone of the people out there do not have faith in Steven Richards, he most certainly does. He tells Undertaker to come out and get some.

Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin. Undertaker rides to the ring. Taker stands on the steps and takes the belts off his shoulders. Taker goes right after Steven. Steven runs around the outside and climbs back in the ring. Taker climbs back in and Steven gets out.

Undertaker vs. Steven Richards
Steven grabs a chair and taunts Taker. Taker stands in the ring looking at him. Taker goes outside after him. Richards tries to hit him and Taker keeps walking up the ramp. Richards drops the chair on the ramp. Taker turns around. Richards tries to charge him. Taker knocks him down.
Winner: No contest

Taker turns around and sees Brian Adams by his bike. Brian Adams knocks down the bike. Taker goes after him. Bryan Clark comes from behind attack and attacks Taker. Kronik clocks Taker throwing him into the barricade. Kronik throws Taker into the steps. Adams throws Taker in the ring. Clark clotheslines Taker. Kronic with a double meltdown on Taker. Adams jumps out of the ring. Kronik and Richards leave.

Regal is shown watching the tv. Shane and Booker T walk in. Shane asks if there's anyone to face The Rock for the WCW title. Regal says he's got someone. Shane interrupts him and asks a bunch of questions where Booker T answers that's right sucka. Shane says Booker T is the five time WCW champion. Shane says that since he's gonna put The Rock against Booker T and Shane for the WCW title at Unforgiven. Regal says he can't do that. Shane asks Booker to tell him that he said that. Regal says fine and they've got the match and asks if they want anything else. Shane says no. Shane and Booker T leave. Regal says he's an ungrateful little toad.

We're shown a recap of the preceeding events involving Kronik, Steven Richards, and Undertaker.

Debra is looking at Austin's mouth. Debra says he probably burned it. Austin says it hurts. Debra says he should go talk to the public. Austin doesn't want to talk to the public. Debra says he's Stone Cold Steve Austin and he should talk to the public. Austin doesn't want to. Debra says that they're foreigners and he should address them. Austin says he'll think about it.

Test, test, this is a Test. Enter Test. We're shown a recap of Test giving Taker the big boot on Raw with help from Steven Richards.

Ooohhhhh yeah! Look at all I've got. Enter Billy Gunn.

The One Billy Gunn vs. Test
Lock up. Test backs Gunn into the corner. Test with a right hand. Test whips Gunn into the corner. Test runs into a back elbow. Gunn with a drop kick. Gunn with a right hand. Gunn splashes Test in the corner. Gunn with a clothesline. Cover. 2 count. Gunn with left hands. Test with a full nelson slam. Test with a kick to the ribs. Test with back elbows to Gunn's head in the corner. Test picks Gunn up from the corner. Test with back elbows. Test clotheslines Gunn in the corner. Test with a sidewalk slam. Cover. 2 count. Gunn with a kick. Gunn with right hands. Test with a Russian leg sweep. Test with another Russian leg sweep. Test with another Russian leg sweep. Test attempts a pump handle power slam. Gunn with a hangman's neck breaker. Both are down. Test with a right hand. Gunn with a right hand. Gunn comes back with right hands. Test with a knee to the midsection. Test attempts a tilt a whirl. Gunn counters. Gunn with a tilt a whirl. Cover. 2 count. Gunn sets up the One and Only. Test breaks out. Gunn ducks a big boot. Gunn kicks Test in the gut. Gunn signals the fameasser. Test with a big boot. Cover and the victory for Test.
Winner: Test

Debra tells Austin that he should go back out there. Austin says she's right. He has thought about it. He is Stone Cold Steve Austin. He is the WWF champion. He will give the Canadian people a piece of his mind. Austin leaves the locker room while Debra is smiling.

Glass breaks. Here comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin leaves. Glass breaks again. Austin comes back out again. Austin finally gets in the ring and poses around. He takes the mic. The only reason he came out here tonight is because they are a bunch of foreigners. He says they don't matter to him and to put those fingers down. Last night, he couldn't believe last night how blood thirsty the people of Canada were. They actually cheered and tells them to shut up. He says if they say one more word he's gonna whip someone's ass. They cheered when Kurt Angle hit him in the back and hit with a steel pipe. They cheered when he got kidnapped. They cheered when he was about to be thrown into the water like a piece of trash. The people don't respect him. His beautiful wife begged for his life. What? She pleaded for his life and they disrespected him. What? He doesn't respect them. They don't care about a person's life. If he said if you wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin shackled and thrown off a bridge gimme a hell yeah. Hell yeah! What?(x27) They're doing what he wants them to do. They're a bunch of jackasses. What? As far as Kurt Angle goes, he will not treat him like an animal. What? He chants Angle, Angle, Angle. What? He says that at Unforgiven, he will not forgive Kurt for what he did to him. He says he will not be chained down, he will not be blindfolded, he will not be tied down, and he will not be beaten for the WWF championship. Thank you very...

Medal hits! What? Here comes Kurt Angle with a mic. He stays on the stage. He says that he doesn't care if Austin forgives him or not because he knows he will never forgive him for throwing his gold medals over a bridge. He wants to make sure he never forgets what happened. He wants to revisit the events of last night. We're shown the events of Austin begging and crying last night on Raw. Kurt says Austin is begging.

Austin says he wasn't really begging. He didn't mean it.

Kurt says he wasn't really begging and asks what he's doing here. He shows the footage of Austin crying. Kurt says Austin, the bad ass is crying.

Austin says he wasn't crying.

Kurt asks him if he's the rattlesnake or the waaaaahhhhhtlesnake. Wooo! Seriously, he's got one more question. What the heck is he doing here? He shows the footage of Austin being pushed in the little tub.

Austin says stop the footage.

Kurt asks what?

Austin says stop the footage.

Kurt says he's had so much fun with him last night.

Austin says he didn't have fun.

Kurt asks what? He saw sides of him that he has never seen before. At Unforgiven, he's gonna see a side of his Olympic hero that's gonna make him wish he never messed with him. Because at Unforgiven, he's gonna show him how stone cold he could be. Woo! Kurt leaves as Austin watches him.

The Alliance is shown conferring in the back. Austin and Debra walk in. Austin says he's been humiliated and embarrassed for the last time by Kurt Angle. He asks if they saw it. He says he saw it and it makes him sick. Austin says he can't wait for Unforgiven. He's gotta whip someone's ass tonight. He asks who's ass he's gonna whip tonight. He says he'll decide. He says first one who walks in the door, he'll take to the ring. Austin and the Alliance yell come on.

Lillian Garcia is interviewing The Rock. Lillian asks how he feels about Shane and Booker T. Rock asks her when she went all Barbara Walters. What about if he enjoyed his lunch or pancakes? Lillian says as she was saying. Rock says she's gotta let her feelings go. He says every single time she goes out to the people's ring, she thinks about The Rock. He says everyday she goes to bed thinking about becoming Mrs. Rockcia. He says she gets wet...with perspiration. He tells her to admit it. He knows how she feels about pie, but how does she feel about strudel? He asks Lillian if she would like to try, he hitches his pants up, some of The Rock's strudel. Lillian says more than anything in the world. Rock asks what in the blue hell is her problem. Rock says he was just informed of his match and all she can think about is dessert. He asks her for some professionalism. He shooshes Lillian a few times. He says that he sees how Shane looks at Booker T. He knows how Booker T looks at Shane McMahon. The Rock says cut right to the chase so why don't those two jabronis have a baby right now. He says the first words out of Booker Mac are can you dig it sucka. He bounces around a bit. He says that at Unforgiven he's gonna stick his right boot and his left boot straight up their candy asses. Rock goes back to Lillian's question. He feels the same about the 8 man tag match tonight. He feels simply electrified. If you smellllll la la la la low...what The Rock...Rock catches Lillian looking at his crotch. He says to stop thinking about the people's strudel...is cookin.

The Alliance and Austin are in the back waiting for someone to walk in the door. Austin says shut up. He says he doesn't wait around like the rest of them. Austin opens the door and RVD is there. Austin says his buddies in the Alliance have something to tell him. Austin calls for Debra. He tells them later. RVD asks what that was about.

Stand back. There's a hurricane coming through. Here comes The Hurricane. Citizens of Toronto, he pities them for they have Vince Carter, a man who can fly, they do not have a super hero. Not like the Hurricane and he issued a challenge to any vio villain for the European championship. Whoever he is, grab your golashes and step into the hurricane.

Weeellll. Well it's the Big Show. Here comes the Big Show

WWF European Championship Match
Big Show vs. The Hurricane
Citizen Show, he admires his courage. He will make this quick and it will hurt him more than it hurts show. Hurricane shakes his hand. Show throws him into the corner. Hurrican poses and tries to charge down Show. Hurricane poses. He tries to charge Show down and falls. Hurricane points to the air. Show looks up. Wastelock by Hurricane. Show shoves him into the corner with his ass. Hurricane tries to slam Show. Show charges Hurricane in the corner and he slips away. Hurricane goes up top. Hurricane attempts a crossbody. Show catches him and drops him on his feet. Hurricane tries to chokeslam him. Show grabs his hair and throws him back. Show holds up Hurricane for a chokeslam. Lance Storm runs in and chop blocks Show. Ref calls for the bell.
Winner by DQ: Big Show

Storm and Hurricane shake hands. Show double chokeslams Hurricane and Storm.

WWF Smack of the Night is The Rock telling Booker T to just bring it on Raw with the APA chasing Booker T and Shane out of the ring.

Here comes the APA.

Y2J countdown. We go down a chute. Boom. Come on. You know I gotcha. Yeah. One. Break the wall down!!!!!! Out comes Chris Jericho.

If ya smellllllll...what The Rock...is cookin! Here comes The Rock. Rock poses around the ring.

Let the bodies hit the...floooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrr. Enter The Alliance with Shane McMahon. The Alliance charges

8 Man Tag Match
The Rock, Chris Jericho, and APA vs. Booker T, Rhyno, and Dudley Boyz
Wild melee. Faarooq and D-Von stay in the ring as everyone else spills out. D-Von with a flying clothesline. Faarooq with a powerslam. Cover. 2 count. Tag to Rock. Rock with right hands. Rock with a kcik to the gut and a DDT to D-Von. Cover. 2 count. Rock with a right hand. Bubba Ray blind tags. Bubba Ray with a clothesline. Bubba Ray with a slap across the chest. Rock comes back with right hands. Rock with a flying clothesline. Rock knocks D-Von off the apron. Rock goes after Shane. Bubba Ray with a body slam. Booker T and Rhyno distract the ref while D-Von headbutts him in the crotch. Tag to Booker T. Booker T with forearms across the back. Rock comes back with right hands. Booker T with a spin kick. Tag to Rhyno. Booker T and Rhyno double team Rock. Rhyno with right hands. Rock with a spine buster. Tag to Booker T. Tag to Jreicho. Jericho with a flapjack. Jericho with a shoulder block. Jericho knocks down Bubba Ray. Jericho with chops to Booker T. Jericho jumps over Booker T. Jericho with a bulldog. Jericho with a suplex. Jericho with a lionsault. Cover. Rhyno breaks it up. Faarooq spinebusters Rhyno. 3D on Faarooq. Clothesline from Hell on D-Von. Bubba Ray knocks down Bradshaw. Rock with right hands to Bubba Ray. Booker T attacks Rock. Rock with a Rock Bottom to Booker T. Shane gets on the apron. Rock brings him in. Bubba Ray pulls Rock out of the ring. Jericho knocks down Shane. Jericho with the Walls of Jericho on Shane. Rhyno Gores Jericho. Booker T makes the cover and gets the victory.
Winners: Booker T, Rhyno, and the Dudley Boyz

The Alliance leaves.

We're shown WWF NY. Hardcore Holly is hosting. Hardcore says he's in the best shape of his career. The reason they haven't seen much of him lately is because the Alliance will not challenge Hardcore Holly. He kept the Alliance from taking over the WWF. He's not gonna sit there and beg. He will accept any challenge they have. They will quickly understand why they call him the big shot and if he'll prove it all over again, he will.

Austin is walking around in the back with Debra. RVD walks in. RVD says he wanted to see him. Austin says he is the man and he can't wait for Unforgiven. Austin says tonight his name is Kurt Angle. RVD says okay, but he's not Kurt Angle. He's Rob Van Dam. RVD leaves. Austin throws his title down. Austin screams he's Kurt Angle a couple of times.

Lugz Boot of the Week is Kurt Angle getting his rematch from Austin on Raw.

Here comes Rob Van Dam.

Glass breaks. Out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Non Title Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Austin goes right after RVD. Austin with boots. Austin with kicks to the midsection. Austin stomps on RVD in the corner. Austin drives his knee into RVD's head. Austin with knees to the back of RVD. Austin with a stomps to the back. Austin chokes RVD on the bottom rope. Austin attempts a kick. RVD catches his foot and gives him a spin kick. RVD with right hands. RVD with kicks. RVD with right hands. RVD with kicks. Austin with a rake to the eyes. Austin knees RVD into the corner. Austin with chops. Austin with a right hand. Austin runs into a back elbow. RVD jumps on the top rope. Austin pushes him into the barricade. Austin goes after RVD. Austin with a chop. Austin throws RVD over the barricade and into the cord. Austin goes after him. RVD comes back with right hands and kicks. RVD spin kicks Austin over the barricade. RVD jumps over the barricade. RVD slams Austin's face into the table. RVD throws Austin back in the ring. Austin rolls out. RVD rolls back out after him. Austin with a clothesline on the outside. Austin throws RVD into the ring post. Austin mocks the RVD salute. Austin slams RVD's face into the steps. Austin stomps down RVD. Austin throws RVD back in the ring. Austin with a cover. 2 count. Austin puts RVD on the top turnbuckle. RVD with right hands. Austin with a rake to the eyes and chops. Austin with a superplex. Cover. 2 count. Austin with knees. Austin with right hands to the midsection. Austin holds back from a drop kick. Austin goes up to the middle rope. Austin comes down and runs a foot into RVD's chest. Austin chokes RVD on the middle rope. Austin rolls to the outside. Austin chokes RVD on the bottom rope. Austin brings RVD to the outside. Austin tries to suplex RVD on the outside. RVD suplexes Austin onto the ramp. Austin crotches RVD on the barricade. Austin knocks down RVD off the barricade. Austin throws RVD back in the ring. Austin with a short arm clothesline. Cover. 2 count. Austin with a reverse chin lock and a knee to the back of the neck. RVD comes back up. RVD with elbows to the gut. Austin with right hands. RVD comes back with right hands. Austin with a kick to the gut. Austin attempts a Stunner. RVD pushes Austin into the ropes and hits a drop kick. RVD with a hand spring moonsault, but Austin puts his knees up. Austin brings a chair into the ring. Van Daminator by RVD. RVD is up. RVD goes up top. Austin gets up and crotches RVD in the corner. RVD knocks him down. RVD misses a Five Star Frog Splash. Austin gets back up. Austin with a kick to the gut. Austin with a Stunner. Austin goes for the cover and locks the ankle lock on RVD. Medal hits and Angle walks out to the stage. Austin gets distracted. RVD with a roll up and the victory.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

Angle is looking at Austin in the ring.

End of show


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