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All About Me

I would like to give out credit to pure wwf rage cause i got a lot of information from them and i would also like to give credit to wresltline for some of the stuff i got from them too

Hello im 15 a female and i live in canada im blond kinda tall tan and i love da wwf my fav wrestez are matt jeff lita rock taker kane y2j and chris beniot da wreslter i hate the most iz stone cold steve ausin and the female in da wwf i hate da most is smh y cause shez a slut lol like u did not allredy know that well moving on it took me about 5 weeks to make this sight but i hope u enjoy and love my sight as much as i do peace out and i want to say hey to my best friend on line jessica sam nikki tayna josh dave mia jeff chris serena kurtis and everyone else who i forgot and if i did forget sorry :( ohh yeah beth and becca who could forget them byez

im a member of team extreme any one who doez not approve email me taker_kane_rox@hotmail.com

MY fav sights are purewwfrage wreslteline and wwf.com there awsome check em out