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Wrestling Dictionary

Last Updated June 28,2001

A-Show A wrestling event where the big stars wrestle like RAW
Abortion A failed angle or match
Angle Events that lead to a fued between wrestlers
B-Show A Wrestling event where the jobbers and mid-carders wrestle
Babyface The good guy or the fan favorite
Blade When a wrestler cuts himself during a match
Blow Off To end a feud
Blow up To become fatigued or exhausted
Booker The person who makes up storylines, angles, and gimmicks for wrestlers
Bump When a wrestler takes a hard knock
Bury To lower somebody by saying bad things about them
Call a Match To do play by play and commentary in the match
Card The matches on a show
Cheap Heat When the heel swears, insults, or makes obscene gestures to the fans in order to get himself over as a heel
Comeback The point in the match where the babyface takes over offense after the heel has been dominating him
Draw The ability to bring in marks
Double Juice When both wrestlers blade in the match
Dud A bad or uninteresting match
Face Short word for babyface
Fall A referee's count of three with the loser's shoulders on the mat
Fued When wrestlers hate each other and get into lots of matches
Finisher The finishing move
Foreign Object An illegal object in the match
Gimmick The personality of the wrestler
Gold Championship belt
Green Not good due to inexperience
Gusher A deep cut that bleeds alot, usualy caused by blading
Hard way Real blood produced by means other than blading
Heat When the fans boo a wrestler
Heel The bad guy
House Show A show that is not taped for TV
Job A planned loss
Jobber A wrestler who loses in order to make another wrestler look good
Jobroni Slang for the word jobber
Juice Blood
Main Eventer A wrestler that is in contention for the world title, and usually wrestles in main events
Mid Carder A wrestler that is not a main eventer, but not quite a jobber
Over To be popular with the audience
Pop When the fans cheer
Push When a wrestler wins a lot of matches to make him look good
Run-In Interference by non-participant in the match
Ref Bump When the ref takes a bump at a specific point in the match so that a wrestler, usualy the heel, can commit an illegal act or move
Save When a wrestler runs in to stop his friend from losing or taking a total beating
Spots The unforgettable highlights of a match
Strap Championship belt
Submission Hold A move that makes an opponent tap out
Turn When a wrestler changes from a heel to a face, or from a face to a heel
Work Something that is planned out ahead of time
Worker A wrestler

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